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Southern California Wildflower Sunset Family Photoshoot

As we all know… the rain came in abundance this year! Especially in California!

There were mixed feelings about the constant storms showering our state. Some people were praising the big man above, as our state has been as dry as can be for years now. Others weren’t so happy and were begging for some sunshine. Regardless of the feelings about the rain… there were definitely some hardships and tragedies that accompanied it. Many areas are not equipped to handle massive amounts of rainwater and flooded, which not only caused damage to cities, but also ended in lives being lost sadly.

On a brighter note.. we’re finally out of drought, which is of course a blessing! And as a reward for dealing with the rain, California was painted in wildflower, so vibrant and colorful, they could be seen from space! Fields upon fields of yellow, purple, orange wildflowers… it was a sight to see. Even good ole Bakersfield looked absolutely stunning. It was incredible!

There were many, many families taking advantage of this time and doing their annual family photos in the flowers! The flowers around our town specifically only lasted a few short weeks before the heat caused them to die off… so everyone who got in during that time was LUCKY!

The Stewart family happened to be one of these lucky families! The day that we chose for their session was just perfect. The sun shined so bright and vibrantly across the colorful patches of wildflowers along the hillside. The skies were blue. The weather was warm, but not too hot. AND we were celebrating sweet baby Hallie’s half birthday. We had the best time together.