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PNW Beach + Forest Engagement Session

PNW for the win! As a Bakersfield girl, you can imagine how excited I get every siiiiingle time I get the opportunity to shoot anywhere that’s beautiful & filled with nature.

This time was no different! Aidan + Chris are both from the central valley and recently moved up to NorCal. Aidan had been following me on social media for several years & said that she always knew she wanted me for her wedding when it was her time (que allllll the warm and fuzzies!🥹)

She is in the wedding industry as well (officiating) and turns out we had done a few weddings together prior!

When she and her wonderful fiancé Chris got engaged, she called me right away and we made plans for me to fly up to their new home, Humboldt county.

It was beautiful there (I think we all know that though 😉) and we wanted to take full advantage of the many gorgeous areas that are nearby. After a lot of careful consideration, we chose to do two separate sessions, one in the morning in the forest, the other at moonstone beach in the evening. It was freezing both times, but soooooo worth it. These two were such troopers getting their legs wet in the icy cold waters.

Just to make the story more interesting, let me tell you about how these two met. Like so many others, they met at their place of work. Normal right? Well, let me tell you where they work… the mortuary 💀 it’s a mom & pop business up in their hometown, and both of their families are involved. Crazy, right? We had soooo many interesting conversations to say the least😅 and I was confronted with my wild aversion to anything creepy for two straight days. I always say, I am so glad that we all have different interests and tolerances because I have no idea how some people do what they do - but thank god they do them! I’m sure some think the same about me 📸

With all that being said, our time together was seriously such a blast and Aidan and Chris immediately felt like friends. If their engagement session was THIS good, I seriously can’t wait to see what the wedding will be like.

Congrats, lovebirds! 🕊️

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