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Moody Family Photoshoot in Maui, HI

Shooting in Maui was suuuuch a dream ✨

Maui has become our spot. I’ve been coming here since I was little and since I’ve been married, my husband and I have been coming every two years to celebrate our anniversaries. The first time we went together was on our honeymoon, then with our first child, and this last time we got to bring both of our children. It felt very special!

Hawaii, to us at least, is pure bliss. The tropical fruit, the warm weather, the clear, blue ocean, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore… and let’s not forget those STUNNING sunsets.

We woke up early each and every morning, had our coffee on the patio, listened to the birds sing, and watched as the sky turned a beautiful pink hue. There’s just nothing like it, it’s paradise!

Going into this trip, I decided I’d really like to take a small chunk out of my vacation and shoot. Even though this IS my job, it truly doesn’t feel like work. I got to meet a sweet, gorgeous family, dressed to perfection, and photograph them on the perfect Maui beaches. Now I have to admit… at first we were both a little bit bummed out that this day was the ONLY day of the week that wasn’t sunny (in fact, it was raining!) but honestly, I am in love with the way the photos turned out and I wouldn’t change it.

Moody beach sessions are my new favorite thing. the Sobek family really seemed to fit in quite well with the scenery, which was an added bonus.

Their outfits were soft and neutral, which really allowed us a lot of flexibility when it came to the setting.

I love taking the natural, organic approach to family sessions. I want my clients to understand that capturing them having a good time will ALWAYS look better than it would if we were all stressed out, trying to force the kids to smile or act in a way that they don’t want to act!

It paid off. The kids got to put their feet in the water, go on daddy’s shoulders, fly high in the sky, and cuddle their loving parents (& their newest little sibling growing in mamas belly!) I’m sure any kiddo would choose that over posing for an hour. And they were happy as clams the whoooooole time!

If YOU are going to Maui (or any other Hawaiian island) anytime soon for a wedding, elopement, or even family session, I’m your gal. I will always go back to capture love on the island of love 🖤

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of this gorgeous {almost} family of 5!

Jennifer Pishinsky is a wedding, portrait & family photographer based in Southern California. She specializes in dreamy, organic and unposed sessions and artistically capturing the memories being made in front of her.

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