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How to Prep for a Lifestyle Newborn Shoot

Hello friends :)

I get asked this question all the time, so I wanted to write a blog about it to send to all of the beautiful families that would like some pointers on how to make their lifestyle newborn session is the best that it can be. Let’s go ahead and jump right in!

1.) Lighting MATTERS!

It’s hard to believe how much of a difference lighting can make. We want to shoot with as much natural light as possible to get achieve that soft, airy look. Turn off all the overhead lights (these are too yellow and cast uneven shadows) and open up all the windows!

2.) Coordinate, but do not match.

I have an entire blog that addresses what to wear, you can find that here.

For newborn sessions, I almost always suggest neutrals. Babies are just so delicate, so clothing that reflects that will be the best fit.

3.) Tidy up!

I know that having a new baby doesn’t leave much room for cleaning and organizing, but if you are able to pick up the house, it’ll make a huge difference! We often utilize the nursery, living room, and parents bedroom for these sessions, so it’s important to make the bed and get rid of any clutter in these rooms. The simpler, the better.

4.) Schedule your session within the first two weeks of life.

The first two weeks of a baby’s life are typically when they sleep the most. A sleeping baby is not a necessity, but it will make the session much easier and quicker. Newborn sessions typically take between 45 mins to 2.5 hours, and the sleepier baby is, the quicker it tends to go.

5.) Make sure baby is fed & warm.

I recommend feeding baby immediately before I come over so she is (hopefully) satisfied for a while. These sessions are very baby led and OF COURSE feeding breaks will be taken as needed, but we can get a lot done right off the bat if baby is comfortable! Most babies aren’t super happy when they’re cold, so swaddle/dress nice and cozy if you’d like. Alternatively, keeping the house a tad bit warmer than you’d like usually keeps a babe happy if they are dressed lightly.

6.) Get the whole family involved!

Of course we will take photos of baby alone, but I highly encourage for the rest of the family members to get involved. Postpartum mamas, that means you, especially you! You will be so grateful years from now that these moments were documented!

7.) Light patterns!

Choose swaddles, blankets, and accessories that are plain or lightly patterned (neutral if possible) for all the same reasons previously stated.

8.) Props aren’t necessary.

There’s nothing wrong with throwing in a thing or two that is special to you, however in general, props are not needed. The main focus will be on the baby and the family in their natural state, and that’s enough!

9.) Don’t put too much pressure on it!

The point of these sessions are just to document what’s already happening. Relax & don’t have any specific expectations! This will always create the best outcome :)


Please feel free to reach out. I look forward to capturing this special time for your family!

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