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"Do You Do Newborn Sessions?"

“Do you shoot newborn sessions?”

I get this question all the time, so I figured a blog on this topic would be helpful.

The short answer is YES!

They’re my FAAAV! As is *anything* that involves motherhood.

Let me tell you a little bit about my take on a newborn session - it might be a little different than what you’re picturing.

I don’t do the more traditional, studio style. You know - when you see a sweet, chubby baby in a basket, covered in flowers or a pointy hat, all wrapped up like a little burrito. Those are GORGEOUS and I admire them so much, but they are so not me. If you’d like something like this, I have a few extremely talented referrals for you who specialize in this!

My style of newborn photography is much more laid back. You may have heard of it, I call it “lifestyle newborn photography.” It typically takes place in the home of the family - where the baby is nice and comfortable. We take time to photograph the babe AND family in their natural habitat, doing their normal thing (obsessing over baby is a big one!😂) and overall there’s no pressure on the situation to get any specific pose. I follow the baby’s lead and do what’s comfortable for everyone in the moment, and this generally shows in the end product!

I often like to use either nursery, the parents room, and the living room - or any combination of the 3. We aren’t only documenting the baby’s early days, but the baby’s environment, and the family’s adjustment to bringing their sweet little addition into their home.

The entire family is welcome. Both parents (of course!), siblings, animals, you name it! The rest of the family plays a vital part in these photos. I want you to remember exactly how YOU felt when you first integrated your little bundle into your life.

The photo session is an opportunity in and of itself to make new memories!

Will we get individual photos of the baby? ABSOLUTELY! I will generally have you (or me) wrap the babe in a loose swaddle or a comfortable outfit, lay them down on a soft surface in some pretty light, I’ll put on my finishing touches and viola! It’s simple, really!

As much as I encourage every family to participate in at least SOME of the photos, a solo session for babe only is an option if you are REALLY opposed to being photographed during this tender time.

Here’s an example of a solo session I’ve done. Everything is still very casual and relaxed.

I hope I answered your question!

If you’ve recently booked a newborn session with me, be sure to read my blog “How to Prep for a Lifestyle Newborn Session.”

These sessions can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, and we will ALWAYS follow baby’s lead. With that being said though, prep is super important and can allow the session not to drag on.

*just throwin’ it out there, I can photograph babies all day 😂 But at some point, new families eventually want to go back to resting!

As always, if you have any questions regarding this blog, feel free to email me!

I hope you all have an incredible fall season!