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A Retro Car Sunset Engagement in CA

This. Was. So. Fun!

Madey + Riley had the cutest idea to use Riley’s dads vintage car for their engagement session! The light blue color photographed absolutely perfectly and made it feel like a movie. So much careful planning went into this session as we knew the planning would make all the difference. Madeys dress fit the scene so perfectly, and she threw together the bouquet herself with the retro pastel colors. The heart glasses were the cherry on top of the cake, and we decided last second that a random street lined with palm trees would make it feel like it was shot in Hollywood (even though we were in Bakersfield!)

It had been raining so much on and off over the months prior, so we had to reschedule the session a few times. Luckily, we finally got a nice sunny day and a perfect sunset. The universe had to align for this session to work out perfectly, and it definitely did!

Pepper the dog even got to be featured in a few of the shots. She was a little shy, but she is the sweetest, fluffiest girl, and the pictures of and with her made her parents exceptionally happy.

Madey + Riley’s sunset engagement session REALLY shows what a little bit of careful planning can do. You, too, could have your dream session with some preparation. I can’t wait for them to show their future children how cool their parents were

Their wedding will be one for the books!

Congrats, you two!