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A California Sunset Wedding Session

It was a beautiful, but gloomy day in Bakersfield, CA. If you know anything about Bakersfield, you know how dry it typically is. Most of us were thrilled that on this day in particular, it had not stopped raining for two weeks straight! Most of the nation had been dealing with the same thing. Everything in town had turned from a dry, dead brown to a vibrant shade of green. Grass sprung like it typically does in spring and the outskirts of town looked beautiful!

We had actually planned this bride and groom portrait session at this location because it is normally filled with soft, neutral colors. But to our surprise, we arrived and it was as green as could be.. We were happy to roll with the punches!

We started shooting and the gloom created these gorgeous, colorful, cloudy skies… and suddenly, the sun peaked out. It was so bright and warm, it was like the sun was reminding us after weeks of rain that it still existed. It took our breath away!

Peyton + David really are such a perfect couple, the couple of any photographers dream! Gorgeous, kind, down to earth, super in love. Peyton’s dress is by the one and only Grace Loves Lace and Peyton was not afraid to get it dirty. They were down to adventure, hike, spin, run, anything for the shot. And I could tell that these activities were authentic to them and embodied who they are as a couple… ever so perfectly.

It always feels like pure harmony when a perfect location meets a perfect couple. Add some dramatic weather from Mother Earth and you have what I would call a dream. 🖤

Jennifer Pishinsky is a Southern California based wedding and portrait photographer with a style that is soft, dreamy, and true to color.

She specializes in documenting authentic love and real moments.

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