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The Frances Family (+ a surprise!)

Okay, lets cut right to the chase... Jennifer and Arjay are some of my favorite people ever!

I met them several years ago while getting tattooed at the tattoo shop they worked at. I loved them right away because they were always happy and having a good time! Over the years I've watched them grow and their relationship transform into one of the most mature and respectful partnerships I've ever seen. It's been so special watching them get married (guess who shot their beautiful Lan Su Garden weding?) and raise Arjay's daughter together. Jennifer was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant, so as you could imagine, I was SO EXCITED when she shared her early news with me that her and Arjay were expecting!!

They've recently moved to Portland, Oregon, but luckily, we were able to find the time to do an announcement shoot before they left. They even surprised Ami with the news during the shoot. It was the sweetest!

They are going to be the best parents to their new little nugget, and Ami will be the best big sister ever! I can't wait to watch their family grow.

BONUS: They're the OG vegans. That says it all ;)