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Madison + Tony

Whewwwww, I feel like I've been blogging my heart out forever now! I didn't realize how much I had to catch up on. I just MIGHT be regretting how much I milked my maternity leave.... I mean, a little blogging really wouldn't have killed me... haha!

Madison + Tony were one of the first couples I had when I came back from my maternity leave. They were so pleasant to work with and made me realize how much I missed shooting! They've been engaged for a while now, so they were super excited to finally take their engagement pictures. Especially because we had two of the best locations of the year - cotton fields AND the pumpkin patch, not to mention an amazing sunset! They looked SO amazing together and were totally game for anything I asked them to do (HAPPY PHOTOG) I can't wait for their upcoming wedding! Here are some highlights from their session: