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Taylor + Clark

Engagement sessions are so much fun. Often times couples are on cloud 9 (you know, being recently engaged and all) and are so lovey dovey without me even begging, hehe! It's always so great to get to know the couple personally thoughout the process. Taylor and Clark made it pretty clear that they wanted something other than Bakersfield scenery (can you blame them? Although I must say... Bakersfield has some hidden gems!) so we decided to spend the afternoon in Frazier Park! The weather was awesome, the air smelled so fresh, it really was a win/win! They showed up in gorgeous semi-formal attire with their adorable doggies... You could say I was stoked 😍

We were all really happy with the way their gallery turned out. But then again, how can it come out bad when you have people as pretty as them?! See some highlights below!