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Mark + Vanessa

Mark + Vanessa's wedding was a little extra special... Why you ask? Well, Mark is my father-in-law! So of course, we were honored to be there, let alone shoot some of it! Their wedding package came with a photographer, but only a mere 40 photos, so I said "NO WAY" and made sure I filled in all the gaps!

Their wedding took place in Charleston, SC. It was surprisingly one of the coolest places I've ever been to. Who would have thought?! .... Apparently, most people know that! Charleston is one of the most popular places to get married in the US. Rightfully so, the history and architecture are unbeatable. I definitely want to visit again one day!

Aside from being 6 months pregnant in the hot, humid summertime, we had such a blast. The wedding ceremony was held at these beautiful green gardens, and the reception at an amazing restaurant (where I got the beeeest vegan meal - score!)

It's always so great to celebrate events like this with loved ones. Vanessa is a perfect companion for Mark. They are going to have such a lovely life together. And she will be an awesome grandma for our little boy on the way! Congrats to Vanessa + Mark!