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Kalie + Guy

Photographing Kalie + Guy's wedding reminded me how lucky I am to do what I do, and how especially lucky I've been to have such wonderful clients. I swear, somehow I've just been blessed with the best! Kalie and Guy have been absolute sweethearts since I met them at our first meeting some time ago, and I knew I would really enjoy shooting their wedding from the start! Well, when the day came, it totally exceeded my expectations. Like, ABOVE and BEYOND what I was expecting!

They got married at KLEA and had the most beautiful decor including hanging lights, florals (Juliana Holm, check her out!) and more! Kalie's dress was to dieeeee for. They had such a sweet and fun wedding party, and lots of friendly guests and family members. But the best part about their wedding, hands down, was the overwhelming amount of love and emotions that flooded that venue! I'm pretty sure there was no dry eye in the area when they recited their personally written vows, and the toasts were some of the sweetest I've ever heard. Some weddings that I go to I just KNOW that the couple is going to have a very happy, very fulfilling marriage lasting a lifetime, and this was definitely one of them. Congrats lovebirds!