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Jennifer + Arjay

Jennifer and Arjay's wedding was one that I was waiting for for a LONG time! You can ask any photographer... when two people are EXTRA in love, it makes photographing their wedding that much better! And if you know Jenn and Arjay, you know they are definitely extra, extra in love! ;)

Their wedding took place in Portland, Oregon at a beautiful venue called Lan Su Chinese Gardens. It was so pretty. There were flowers blooming everywhere! There were so many pretty chinese details, lots of water and bridges (oh, and lots of water coming from the sky, too😜) and even tea tasting!

They got ready before the wedding at a cute little hotel called Hotel Vintage. It had the most amazing light on the top floor (photographer HEAVEN - ahhhhh!) so we opted to do their first look there. They had no wedding party, which left us more time to focus solely on the bride and groom, and their vows were probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard!

Not to mention, their wedding was totally vegan. It was a first for me, and that made it 38974283748928493x better. You could say we had a pretty good time!

Thank you so much to my friend Junior Tobias for second shooting for me. Couldn't have done it without you!

Wedding highlights below: