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Olivia + The Wildflowers

There are so many reasons why 2019 has been a great year so far. One big reason - the superbloom! There were flowers EVERYWHERE this March (and tons of butterflies!) and it totally made for some amazing photo opportunities. Olivia and I woke up super early one of these March mornings and made the most of mother nature.

So here's a lttle story about how we met. was donig a model call for a couple for a shoot in Yosemite and had sooooo many people enter in! I had each couple send me photos of them together to see who would fit the part the best, and Olivia sent in a photo of her and her husband, Dylan. I knew right away - they were just perfect. So I picked them!

We had a 4 hour car ride there and a 4 hour car ride home. so we all got to talking about everything from weddings to work to mutual frends to even personal problems (LOL) and we all clicked extremely well. Turns out Olivia and Dylan LOVE Yosemite so much, they even got engaged there (meant to be or what?)! The shoot turned out awesome, and over the next few months, Olivia and I became best friends.

She and I are both creative people and LOVE projects. She knows what looks good when it comes to design and style (and... pretty much anything else you can think of 😂) and I'd like to think I know what looks good when it comes to photography. When we have free time, we plan shoots together!

This was I think our favorite shoot together thus far! The flowers were tucked away in a tiny little spot, but man, there were so many of them. The flowers + the sunrise + Olivia and her perfect attire = magic. Take a look for yourself!

These are just some of the highlights from our session: