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Jacklynn + The Blooms

One of the best times of the year to live in Bakersfield is during the spring. Although we are known as a natureless town, there are definitely a few hidden gems in our area! Wildflowers bloom all along the nearby hills, and when the almond orchards bloom - game over!

I love blooming orchard sessions for so many reasons... the main one being those soft, pastel colors. If anyone knows me, they know they are my favorite! When the sun shines through the branches, it seriously makes the subject look angelic. And then when the pedals fall on the ground, it seriously looks like a winter (or spring!) wonderland. Magic! Jacklynn and I decided to take advantage of all the prettiness and do a quick shoot one sunny day, and we both loved the result. She looked perfect surrounded by the flowers! Check out some highlights below: