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Baby Mac

BABIES BABIES BABIES! They have occupied a large part of my life lately. Why you ask? Because my husband and I are having one of our own! 😍👶🏻 I still can't believe it... our excitement is unreal. It's funny... not too long ago, I had someone tell me that my photography interests would gravitate towards where I am in my life at that moment. Before I was all about couples, couples, and more couples (and I was engaged to be married and a newly-wed), but lately, families and children have grown increasingly fun to photograph. I guess that's just how life works! This simple and quick at home session was one for the books. I love it because the SOLE focus is on baby Mac (who turns one today, I believe!) and it really proves what I always say - there is no need for props when it comes to photography. Sure, some flowers can add a lot sometimes, but more is not always better. This session turned out so fresh and clean BECAUSE of the lack of props... and those beautiful blue eyes don't hurt either.

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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