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Arjay + Jennifer

Okay, I am SO confused on how I haven't written a blog post about this gorgeous engagement session with Arjay and Jennifer! Not only because the session turned out PERFECT, but because it was a very, ahem, eventful day.

I've known both Arjay and Jennifer for a long time now through tattooing. They are both tattoo artists (THEYRE AMAZING, by the way - check them out on Instagram: @arjay47 and @featherhandstrand). I didn't originally get tattooed by either of them, but they worked in the same shop as an artists who did a few large pieces on me (he's amazing too - @evan_crocker).

As the years went by and I got tattooed more often, I started talking to them more often and realized how awesome they were. A HUGE plus - they're vegan! Vegans almost automatically become friends with vegans, at least in Bakersfield. They are scarce here 😂

Jenn has been tattooing me for a few months now (well, before the pregnancy) and I LOVE what she's done. She exceeded my expectations!

Arjay and Jenn have been together as long as I can remember, and they've always worked so well together. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing to be able to date another artist that worked in the same shop! How fun! As their relationship has grown, they've gotten even closer. The thing I love about them is that they treat eachother with SO much love and respect; they seriously act like they're still newly together. It's really heartwarming to witness 💕

So when Jenn + Arjay asked me to do their wedding in Portland, I couldn't say yes fast enough! Their wedding is LESS than a month away now, and I seriously can't wait to see the magic we make together - not to mention attend their beautiful day. Of course, since they're getting married, we had to do engagement pictures, which took place in the beautiful mountains near Frazier Park. There are so many pine trees there, just the smell made us all so happy! The photos turned out even better than we all expected - we were stoked!

I guess now I should mention what else happened that day... it's a laughing matter now, but definitely wasn't at the time! Thankfully, we were almost done taking their photos. We wanted to do one more outfit, so Jennifer, Arjay, and Arjay's daughter, Amerie, went up to my car to change. My husband went with them to make sure the car was locked, and felt comfortable leaving me because we randomly ran into a few friends (and fellow photographer/model) up there and I decided to hangout with them in the meantime. All was going well until I felt a bad sting on my thumb. I looked down, and it was a hornet that had stung my thumb. Before I could even think or say anything... THEY... WERE... EVERYWHERE! I was the victim of a full blown hornet attack!! It all happaned so fast, I didn't even really have time to process what was happening. I just remember looking down and seeing them covering my shirt, arms, and crawling down into my boots. Piercing pain was spread over my entire body. All I knew how to do was scream and run, but they followed! Ben Hess, the fellow photographer friend that we saw in the mountains, was a life saver! He was picking the bees off of me with his hands. So sweet. Luckily, he only got stung once, along with the model. We went straight home after that.... very nervous that the amount of stings would cause a dangerous reaction. Luckily, they didn't and all was well. But I did end up with over 25 stings! I'm actually weirdly kind of glad this whole situation happened because it's such a funny photographer story 😂 It could have been much worse, AND not to mention, we still got a full gallery of PURE magic ✨ I'm so ready for this wedding and to see these two MOST deserving lovebirds tie the knot. You guys are going to have the most wonderful life together! Hopefully there are no bees at the wedding! 😬😜

Here are some highlights from the session: