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Sarajoy + Caleb

This session... GUYS... THIS SESSION... we made some magic! 💖 I've known Sarajoy and Caleb forever and have worked with them many, many times throughout their journey together, and am very familiar with SJ's {gorgeous} tastes, so I knew that the session was going to turn out beautifully no matter what. BUT it was even better than I expected! SJ's light blue dress with the pink and white roses against some of the awesome buildings we found up in Tehachapi were all so harmonious. I'm such a sucker for those soft, pastel colors. I feel like they give off such a sweet and gentle vibe.

And I have to mention, once again, it is super special seeing friends go through one of the most exciting times in their lives. First, their beautiful wedding here at the Kern County Museum, and now, God's biggest blessing... in the form of a little man 😍 We all can't wait to meet you, Mr. Lincoln Hunter Cloud! ☁️ Check out some highlights below!