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Abby + Andrew

Abby and Andrew were one of my lasts sessions of 2018! It was such a great way to end the year.

Abby and Andrew have spent a lot of their relationship apart. Andrew is in the military and unfortunately has to leave for months on end. We did their session at the end of December and the next day he left until May - which is when they are getting married. The next time they will see eachother is when they join together as husband and wife! And luckily, this is the last time Andrew has to leave, and then they can enjoy life together daily.

As anyone know has been in a long distance relationship knows, they are no easy ride. However, they are very rewarding. Each moment that the couple DOES get to spend together is so much more special, and it is a true test of a relationship. A test that Abby and Andrew have definitely passed. They are not only lovers, but best friends, and their loving and playful attitudes toward eachother really portray that.

I'm so excited to see where their lives take them. ❤️