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Dawson + Jennifer

I loved working with the Sanders! They started off as strangers, but quickly became friends. They are the kind of people that instantly make you feel so comfortable that you forget that you don't know eachother on a personal level. They are truly genuine people, and had a genuine wedding filled with love. Their wedding took place in Jennifer's parents backyard, Let me just say, I love backyard weddings! They are typically smaller and more intimate than other weddings, and they just feel so inviting. Not to mention, the backyard was newly redone and GORGEOUS! The lighting up the trees was unreal, and the gazebo that they got married under was just perfect. The entire evening felt so romantic!

Jennifer + Dawson opted out of having a wedding party, other than their sweet baby son. It was a first for me, and I liked it! It really allowed me, as the photographer, to focus on them. Check out some of their sweet moments below: