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Tamara + Frank

There was something very special about this maternity session... it turned into a PROPOSAL! Tamaras boyfriend, Frank, reached out to me privately months before their maternity shoot was to take place, telling me about his master plan to propose. I was SO excited, especially because I knew how happy Tamara would be. Frank is such a genuine person, and I could tell just by talking to him a few times that he was her perfect match. Not only that, but I can just feel that the two of them will be incredible parents together. I can't wait to see what their future holds! Tamaras reaction to Franks proposal was straight out of a movie... tons and tons of happy tears! From both of them (and me :P) and it made our maternity session THAT much more special and exciting! We shot at a beautiful golden field with the most breathtaking sunset. It was all so perfect! With the proposal, the location and the weather... there was definitely magic in the air! See for yourself below.