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All about that In-N-Out!

Summers are typically a slower season for photographers (especially in Bakersfield, who wants to spend 90 minutes outside in the 110 degree weather?!) so I was really itching to shoot and do something fun and creative. I've been experimenting more with shooting inside lately, and I love. to use food as props, so I decided to explore some restaurants around town and thought would be awesome to shoot at In-N-Out!

As much as I'm NOT a burger/French fry person (or ANY American food for that matter... I'm vegan!), In-N-Out has a really nice aesthetic and I love that "Classic American" theme. I knew I had to find a model that fit that look, and luckily, a gorgeous gal I used to go to highschool with was up for it! To be honest, it was a bit of a headache to put together. My husband used to work at In-N-Out when he was younger and warned me that they are EXTREMELY strict about photos inside the store. Luckily, a friend of mine still works there, so she was able to get in touch with the manager and ask for permission on my behalf! Additionally, my model, Brookie, lives out of town, but luckily, on the day I wanted to do the shoot, she was in town anyways! And finally, when we got to In-N-Out, the minute it opened, people POURED in, and the manager told us to hurry. It was a very fast paced and quick shoot, BUT we made it work and it was so worth it! Brookie was the perfect model and everything turned out exactly how I imagined! See for yourself below!

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