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Maddie + Toby

Maddie and Toby are one of those couples from the movies... they are SO stinkin' in love! And no one else would ever be able to deny that! I was sooooo excited when they booked me only a few short months before their wedding. We ended up doing a beach engagement shoot only about 1.5 weeks before (and of course they were done in time;)) We spent a beautiful evening in Malibu walking around at El Matador State Beach, watching the sunset and shooting while their little one played in the sand. It was so perfect and peaceful (other than the fact that it was freezing!)

Maddie and Toby just couldn't keep their hands off eachother, which (in my opinion) is how couples SHOULD be! There were lots of jokes and giggles and hugs! I totally enjoyed third wheeling and watching them be such sweet parents to little Liam.

Thank you guys for freezing your butts off for me, and I cannot WAIT for your wedding this Saturday!