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Mayci and The Dunes

I've always loved photography. It is one of the few things that will always keep me going when I'm feeling down; it's an absolute passion of mine! But I do have to say... sometimes, it's exhausting! We photographers have it pretty dang good... many of us are self employed, so we can make our own hours. We can still do everything we need to do (for example, doctors appointments, errands, etc.) We can usually make it to special events as we can plan around them. We make our own rules (BEST PART!) Shall I go on?

On the flip side, making our own hours can often mean overworking ourselves! We overbook, spend an enormous amount of time editing, spend countless amounts of hours traveling, continuously put in daily effort to market ourselves, and sometimes, we forget to take actual days off!

As freelance photographers, we do what our clients want (which is awesome, I might add, that way we get a lot of variety in our work), but I totally believe that it's crazy important to shoot for ourselves sometimes! That might mean, for some, photographing their own kids, or vacations, etc. For me, it's shooting models at fun locations! I get total free range to express my creativity, and my models get fun pictures and a free trip with yours truly ;)

It's very, very rare that I do this kind of thing, but when I do... PURE MAGIC!

This particular shoot was with my good friend Mayci at the sand dunes near pismo. We ordered her a $15 flowy dress and bought a $5 bouquet at Vons! Beauty doesn't have to be expensive.

See some highlights below: