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Sam + Joe

Sam, Joe and I went up through the canyon at 6:30am just to get these awesome shots! Bakersfield unfortunately doesn't have a huge variety of scenic areas, but luckily, we live within an hour of just about everything! I love the "desert" look, and it was a nice change of pace from the last time I shot Sam and Joe at the beach!

These two are totally meant to be and I can't WAIT for their wedding later this year!

Fun fact: I met Sam when I was just a little girl - we were on the same soccer team! Oh and yeah... I should definitely not be allowed to play sports. I was always the worst one on the team 😂 Oh well though, it makes for some funny memories!

Another fun fact: My fiancé, Wyatt, used to ride motocross with Joe! His little brother, Jett Reynalds, is definitely the next big thing. Such an incredibly gifted young man! Go check him out! Check out some highlights from Sam + Joe's session below!

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