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The Rhoades Family

I am a photographer. Well, obviously. But I also have a part time serving job at a local thai restaurant. I'm planning on going full time this year, but for now, with wedding planning and all, I figured I'd keep the job for some extra stability. Plus, it's fun! I have the BEST coworkers.

One of my favorite co-workers was Sacha. I always thought she was so sweet and fun! She was a total party girl, always on the go, and always loved to have a good time. She worked incredibly hard - in fact, she had THREE jobs when I worked with her! I admired her for that! I remember her telling me she would never get married and have kids! That was right before she quit, and right before she met her now husband!

They are the sweetest match! They have so much love and respect for eachother and get along so well. It just goes to show that when you meet the right person, everything will change. You might do things that you never thought you would do for love. Everything happens just the way it should, and I could never imagine anyone more perfect for Sacha.

Check out their sweet family below:

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