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The Padgett Family

My focus here at JVarnerphoto is typically on couples and individuals, but I always have fun with families especially families with babies! (Did I mention I have a major case of baby fever?! Shhhh...) I love seeing the way that the parents interact with the baby, seeing how in love they are, observing all the smiles, and hearing all the giggles. It is always pretty apparent that the baby is their pride and joy and that they have never known that type of love before. Ahhh, so heartwarming.

Riley was such a great baby! Her mama warned me that she might be tough (some babies are not a fan of the camera!), but she totally surprised us and was just the opposite. She could NOT stop laughing for the life of her, and we all couldn't help but laugh with her! It was just so contangeous!

Check out that precious smile below: