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Sarajoy + Caleb

Hello again! So, I told you that I was planning on making some changes this year... one of them being that I would like to focus more on couples. Couples are just SO MUCH fun to photograph! I love seeing two people that absolutely love eachother act naturally together. You know, when lovers just can't keep their hands of eachother. It never gets old! This is exactly how Sarajoy and Caleb have ALWAYS been. It's pretty easy to tell that they truly have something special.

SJ and Caleb met when they were just kids and dated all throughout middle school and some of high school. After high school, they just couldn't stay away from eachother. They were childhood sweethearts! For that reason and so many more... their wedding was an absolute dream! It brought up all of the emotions because it totally reminded me of my fiancé and I. So many people discourage kids that fall in love, but it just goes to show that it really can happen. Those kind of love stories are my favorite; they totally restore my faith in romantic love.

On a side note - these in home cozy sessions are my absolute favorite! They're so comfortable and cozy; it really takes the nervousness out of the session! They are also a perfect alternative to outdoor couples photos when there's bad weather or you can't decide on a location. Think about it!

Check out some of SJ + Caleb's highlights below!