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Ben + Sarena

Finally, finally, finally! I am FINALLY done with school, forever! I am over-the-moon happy to announce that I have graduated from CSUB with my bachelor's degree in business management! Now I can give 150% to my business! To be completely honest, it has been a struggle starting and growing my own business while in school and working at another job. I have always felt like I have too much going on to give it my all. Thankfully 2018 is a new year, and I'm going places I have never gone before, I know it! I am more than ready! And I can't wait for you all to be a part of it! This year, I plan to improve on my style (we never stop learning new things!), further establish myself, travel to new places, and work with some really amazing creatives.

One person I have always loved corresponding with is the amazing Ben Hess! Ben is a local & insanely talented photographer/videographer. I've talked to him since I was brand new, and he has always been so encouraging and has given me great advice!

Check out his profile on Instagram - @benhessphotography.

I was sooooo excited for this coffee shop shoot with Ben and his wife, Sarena. They made everything so much fun, it didn't really seem like work at all! Check it out:

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