Jess + Ian: Kern County Museum Wedding

Jess & Ian tied the knot on 10/19/2019 at the beautiful Kern County Museum. Their wedding was intimate and eclectic. There was so much love, not only between the two of them, but also between their families, their wedding party, and the rest of their guests. I was OBSESSING all day over the floral arrangements and Jess' dress! Her unique style is inspiring! Ian was pretty smitten, too. His reaction to Jess walking down the aisle was pricless. Oh, and I loved that he kept his nose ring in for their ceremony. Untraditional is my jam, duh! Here are a few of their highlights:

Baby Inez

This sweet baby girl is stealing hearts with her tiny features and her beautiful head of hair! Sweet baby Inez, 9 days new. Congrats to her parents, Valerie + Joe. Your world is forever changed! Some highlights from her BABY MINI below: *Baby minis available for a limited time only

Tamara + Frank

Soooo if any of ya'll keep up with my blog posts, you know I get REAL excited in October for lots of reasons, but one big reason... COTTON FIELDS. YES. They are my FAV location ever for photoshoots! Locally, at least. CAUSE GUYS. They are so pretty! It's like being surrounded by little marshmellows (I know I'm weird ok) This session was for Tamara and Franks engagement pictures. I've known Tamara for years now! We used to work together at a Thai restaurant. She was always one of my favorite coworkers because she's HILARIOUS, but not afraid to speak her mind. It makes me love her that much more, haha! It's the best to see her happy. Just last year, I got to shoot her maternity photos and h

The Sanders Family

Aaaaaand another family in the books who have allowed me to capture all of their most precious moments! I met Jennifer and Dawson when their sweet son, Griffin, was only a few weeks old. He was the sweetest, tiniest little baby ever! Now hes the most adorable, fiesty little red headed boy. It's been so fun to watch him grow! I also had the honor of shooting their wedding back in 2018. It was simple and intimate, and the best part was, we were all messing around the entire time. They are such fun people. I can't wait to continue helping their family make memories for all the years to come! Check out some highlights from their holiday photos here:

Olivia Hughes

I've expressed time and time again how much I adore working with Liv. Not only are we best friends, but we feed off of eachother's creative energy. We help eachother creative out-of-the-box ideas, try new things, and always have a blast doing it. I'm blessed to have a friend like her, that's for sure. She always gets me out of my funks. Love you dood!

Madison + Tony

Whewwwww, I feel like I've been blogging my heart out forever now! I didn't realize how much I had to catch up on. I just MIGHT be regretting how much I milked my maternity leave.... I mean, a little blogging really wouldn't have killed me... haha! Madison + Tony were one of the first couples I had when I came back from my maternity leave. They were so pleasant to work with and made me realize how much I missed shooting! They've been engaged for a while now, so they were super excited to finally take their engagement pictures. Especially because we had two of the best locations of the year - cotton fields AND the pumpkin patch, not to mention an amazing sunset! They looked SO amazing to

The Frances Family (+ a surprise!)

Okay, lets cut right to the chase... Jennifer and Arjay are some of my favorite people ever! I met them several years ago while getting tattooed at the tattoo shop they worked at. I loved them right away because they were always happy and having a good time! Over the years I've watched them grow and their relationship transform into one of the most mature and respectful partnerships I've ever seen. It's been so special watching them get married (guess who shot their beautiful Lan Su Garden weding?) and raise Arjay's daughter together. Jennifer was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant, so as you could imagine, I was SO EXCITED when she shared her early news with me t

The Wooner Family

I know you all have seen plenty of Theresa on my feed, but no matter how many times weshoot together, it just never gets old! I am always delighted to shoot with other photographers - instead of one creative mind, we have two! Putting our heads together, we always come up with gold. With this session, we had a huge cariety of prompts and poses and a few awesome locations. With that being said, the gallery is massive, buuuuuut so worth it! Theresa is so free spirited and goofy. Every photog knows that both of those qualities are essential to create awesome images. Thank you, Theresa, for coming to me once again!

The Dolbec Family

This family... ugh! There is just nothing sweeter than seeing my old mischevious middle school friends grow into hard workers, caring partners, and amazing parents! Chris and Haley have the sweetest relationship and the most adorable little boy. Watching them navigate through parenthood togetheris just such a joy! I can't believe he is turning 1. Time goes by so fast, and it's clear that these two are cherishing every second. Here aresome highlights from their session:

The Norville Family

Let's talk extended family sessions! I know what you're thinking... BORING! But what if I told you they didn't have to be? Most large families have a lot of different personalities, which can equal super fun pictures. I like to do a few "everyone looking at the camera smiling" pictures, don't get me wrong, but the focus is always on the fun, crazy pictures that showcase that particular family and the smaller subsectors within! Take the Norville family for example. You can see that the parents are the rock of the whole family, that the siblings have a crazy sibling bond, that the wives and husbands love eachother to death, and that the whole family is wild about the little guy. So get your

Alvarenga Family

Hi ya'll! It has been FAR too long since I've posted on here! It has maybe been a bit harder than I anticipated to keep up on all aspects of my business with a new baby. When he naps, I've been catching up on the ridiculous amount of housework that seems to pile up during the week - haha! BUT anywho, getting back to work after maternity leave has been so much fun! We basically jumped right into our fall weddings and then christmas sessions, and as always, I had the most amazing clients ever! I will be playing catch up with blogging everything from the end of 2019, so stay tuned! This session was for the Alvarenga's family christmas pictures. I've been photographing them for years no

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