Marguerite + Her Babes

Marguerite is VERY ready to meet her second child, and so am I! I grew up with Marguerite, so it's extra special to see her little family expanding. She has kind of been my "guinea pig" when it comes to photography. When her little girl was born, now almost 4, I took her maternity and newborn pictures (she was an amazing newborn, but I definitely realized at that moment that indoor, studio style, traditional, posed and wrapped were NOT my thaaangs 😂) Anywho, I'm excited to capture this little man's milestones as he grows, and ditto when it comes to the bond between him and his sister. Congrats on your expanding family, Marguerite 💕

Theresa + Downtown Bakersfield

Shooting with other photographers is always such an honor! It's such a great way to build work relationships AND friendships while learning new things and even venting! Bakersfield is a small town, but has such a wonderful and talented creative community. The talent in this town really blows my mind! One gal that I've gotten pretty close to through photography is Theresa. If you haven't met her, you should check out her work (@theresawoonerphotography.) One thing that drew me to her work in the first place was her similarity in style to me. It's intriguing how we can be so similar, yet so different! Using the same colors, but different techniques, the way we work with our clients, etc. Every

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