Jennifer + Arjay

Jennifer and Arjay's wedding was one that I was waiting for for a LONG time! You can ask any photographer... when two people are EXTRA in love, it makes photographing their wedding that much better! And if you know Jenn and Arjay, you know they are definitely extra, extra in love! ;) Their wedding took place in Portland, Oregon at a beautiful venue called Lan Su Chinese Gardens. It was so pretty. There were flowers blooming everywhere! There were so many pretty chinese details, lots of water and bridges (oh, and lots of water coming from the sky, too😜) and even tea tasting! They got ready before the wedding at a cute little hotel called Hotel Vintage. It had the most amazing light on the to

The Motherly Art of Breastfeeding

Mommies + babies. I'm obsessed with doing shoots like this. Breastfeeding is such a beautifully empowering thing to me. Isn't it incredible that the female body can not only GROW an entire human, but supply it with all of the nutrients and energy it needs for the first many months of life? I wish breastfeeding wasn't something that was so taboo and coiuld be recognized across the world for how truly amazing it is. Boobies are meant for babies, primarily! I love mamas that not only are unashamed to feed their babies, but love and openly celebrate the beauty of this wonderful process. Devany makes motherhood look so magestic!

The Cloud Family

My sweet friends Sarajoy + Caleb recently welcomed their beautiful new baby boy into the world! His name is Lincoln Hunter Cloud. He is a total sweetheart! It's been so amazing watching these two grow as a couple. I remember going to church with them on Wednesday nights when they were dating during our freshman year of highschool. Being that I also married my middle school lover, I have such a soft spot for stories like ours! Their relationship has grown and matured so much. I remember when they got engaged... then married (such a beautiful wedding!), then found out they were expecting, and now, BABY! They are already such loving parents and I can't wait to see how they grow together as a

Olivia + The Wildflowers

There are so many reasons why 2019 has been a great year so far. One big reason - the superbloom! There were flowers EVERYWHERE this March (and tons of butterflies!) and it totally made for some amazing photo opportunities. Olivia and I woke up super early one of these March mornings and made the most of mother nature. So here's a lttle story about how we met. was donig a model call for a couple for a shoot in Yosemite and had sooooo many people enter in! I had each couple send me photos of them together to see who would fit the part the best, and Olivia sent in a photo of her and her husband, Dylan. I knew right away - they were just perfect. So I picked them! We had a 4 hour car ride ther

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