Jacklynn + The Blooms

One of the best times of the year to live in Bakersfield is during the spring. Although we are known as a natureless town, there are definitely a few hidden gems in our area! Wildflowers bloom all along the nearby hills, and when the almond orchards bloom - game over! I love blooming orchard sessions for so many reasons... the main one being those soft, pastel colors. If anyone knows me, they know they are my favorite! When the sun shines through the branches, it seriously makes the subject look angelic. And then when the pedals fall on the ground, it seriously looks like a winter (or spring!) wonderland. Magic! Jacklynn and I decided to take advantage of all the prettiness and do a quick

Arjay + Jennifer

Okay, I am SO confused on how I haven't written a blog post about this gorgeous engagement session with Arjay and Jennifer! Not only because the session turned out PERFECT, but because it was a very, ahem, eventful day. I've known both Arjay and Jennifer for a long time now through tattooing. They are both tattoo artists (THEYRE AMAZING, by the way - check them out on Instagram: @arjay47 and @featherhandstrand). I didn't originally get tattooed by either of them, but they worked in the same shop as an artists who did a few large pieces on me (he's amazing too - @evan_crocker). As the years went by and I got tattooed more often, I started talking to them more often and realized how awesome th

Baby Mac

BABIES BABIES BABIES! They have occupied a large part of my life lately. Why you ask? Because my husband and I are having one of our own! 😍👶🏻 I still can't believe it... our excitement is unreal. It's funny... not too long ago, I had someone tell me that my photography interests would gravitate towards where I am in my life at that moment. Before I was all about couples, couples, and more couples (and I was engaged to be married and a newly-wed), but lately, families and children have grown increasingly fun to photograph. I guess that's just how life works! This simple and quick at home session was one for the books. I love it because the SOLE focus is on baby Mac (who turns one to

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