Allie + Nick

Allie + Nick's wedding took place at the beginning of December, and it was my last wedding of the year! Although there is a risk of bad weather during December (we definitely experienced a little bit of that 😅) I think it is such a wonderful time to tie the knot. December is the season of the Holidays and naturally, the holidays put everyone in a good mood. It's great for the Christmas lovers, and, in my opinion, it's so much better than getting married when its 115 degrees outside! Allie + Nick got married at the gardens at Mill Creek. The setting was very romantic - red dresses and those gorgeous hanging lights. The rain didn't stop us from having an incredible night. And since they

Abby + Andrew

Abby and Andrew were one of my lasts sessions of 2018! It was such a great way to end the year. Abby and Andrew have spent a lot of their relationship apart. Andrew is in the military and unfortunately has to leave for months on end. We did their session at the end of December and the next day he left until May - which is when they are getting married. The next time they will see eachother is when they join together as husband and wife! And luckily, this is the last time Andrew has to leave, and then they can enjoy life together daily. As anyone know has been in a long distance relationship knows, they are no easy ride. However, they are very rewarding. Each moment that the couple DOES get t

Gehna + Gary

I hold Gehna + Gary so close to my heart! I've known Gehna since high school, we met when I was a freshman and she was a sophomore. We had math class together, and we clicked pretty quickly. We called eachother "twin" because we both had those awful combover bangs 🤣 Anywho, we've always seemed to just "get" eachother! I love how carefree and fun she is, and of course I've always thought she deserved an incredible partner. Let me tell you... Gary definitely EXCEEDS incredibe. He is so gentle and sweet to her, but still hilarious and fun of course. They are the perfect team! Just looking at their engagement photos, you can see the chemistry. Check out some highlights below:

Baby Tripp

The only thing I love photographing ALMOST as much as I do lovers are mommies and their babies! I photographed my neighbors & friends wedding earlier this year in March. It was a very rainy, but very beautiful wedding FULL of so much genuine love. When I heard very soon after that the two of them were expecting a little man, my heart exploded! I knew that Maddie would be such a good mommy to Tripp, just as she is such a good mommy to Liam. Check out the bond between this mother and child below: {3 weeks} And a few shots from just a week old:

Sarena Hess - Raiding Target

Oh Target, I think we can all agree that it's 99.9% of women's favorite place to be. I mean, I'm sure we've all experienced walking in for one thing and coming out with a cart full of who-knows-what! But yet, we continue to go back. To me, it's like therapy. There is just something about the colors, the smell, and the unneccesary products that make it a totally relaxing experience for me each and every time ;) Sarena Hess is a blogger/lifestyle coach here in Bakersfield. She's all about happiness, lifting people up, and having fun in the process! We wanted to do something fun and goofy for her shoot to match her personality, so what a better location than Target? Sarena was really the master

Dawson + Jennifer

I loved working with the Sanders! They started off as strangers, but quickly became friends. They are the kind of people that instantly make you feel so comfortable that you forget that you don't know eachother on a personal level. They are truly genuine people, and had a genuine wedding filled with love. Their wedding took place in Jennifer's parents backyard, Let me just say, I love backyard weddings! They are typically smaller and more intimate than other weddings, and they just feel so inviting. Not to mention, the backyard was newly redone and GORGEOUS! The lighting up the trees was unreal, and the gazebo that they got married under was just perfect. The entire evening felt so romant

Madison + Dylan

I was so beyond excited to photograph the Wilson wedding! I've known Madison since KINDERGARTEN, so as you can imagine, photographing her wedding (let alone going!) was a real treat. I went to highschool with both Madison and Dylan. They had been dating since immediately after highschool, which came as a huge surprise to a lot of people since they weren't in the same friend group in highschool. But they undoubtedly clicked! They bought a house in the same neighborhood as ours right before their wedding as well. Obviously we were all meant to be friends 😜 Their wedding was simply breathtaking! They got married in late October of 2018 in Thousand Palms on the most beautiful property, surround

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