Katie + Manny

I can almost always tell within the first five minutes of meeting a potential client if we will be a good team. I met Katie only a few short months ago to talk about her engagement session and wedding, and we immediately clicked! She seemed very fun, but also laid back {perfect combo!}, and those traits carried on into the engagement session. Her and Manny made my job a piece of cake. I barely even had to give them any guidance... they are so in love, it showed very effortlessly through my lens. Their session was filled with fun games, sweetness and laughter, and it really made me SO excited for their Lake Tahoe wedding next year! Congrats, you two!

Nicole + Justin

Nicole & Justin are such a stunning couple! The way they came dressed up so nicely to their engagement session was a photographers dream! Nicole knew exactly where she wanted her engagement photos taken... in front of a beautiful downtown building. I was super excited since I had never shot there before, and I loved the vibe! Their outfits went perfectly with the setting, and they both seemed to be naturals in front of the camera (as much as Justin didn't want to admit it ;)) The posing was so effortless to them, which made my job totally easy! We enjoyed a fun evening exploring the rest of downtown after we visited the greenery covered building. Near the end of the session, the most brea

Tamara + Frank

There was something very special about this maternity session... it turned into a PROPOSAL! Tamaras boyfriend, Frank, reached out to me privately months before their maternity shoot was to take place, telling me about his master plan to propose. I was SO excited, especially because I knew how happy Tamara would be. Frank is such a genuine person, and I could tell just by talking to him a few times that he was her perfect match. Not only that, but I can just feel that the two of them will be incredible parents together. I can't wait to see what their future holds! Tamaras reaction to Franks proposal was straight out of a movie... tons and tons of happy tears! From both of them (and me :P)

Tillah + Marcus

Taylor (Tillah) is one of my best friends. In fact, she was the maid of honor in my wedding! She has supported my photography from the very beginning. She was my first photoshoot, and since then, I have used her to model for me many a time. She's woken up at the buttcrack of dawn with me too many times to count, traveled with me, has been my assistant, and now, I'm mentoring her while she learns photography herself! We have lots of fun together. It's great having a friend that shares the same interest as me! Now that she has a serious boyfriend (who I adore and who fits her oh so well) I offered to take their pictures. Taylor does so much for me, I really wanted to do something nice for her.

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