All about that In-N-Out!

Summers are typically a slower season for photographers (especially in Bakersfield, who wants to spend 90 minutes outside in the 110 degree weather?!) so I was really itching to shoot and do something fun and creative. I've been experimenting more with shooting inside lately, and I love. to use food as props, so I decided to explore some restaurants around town and thought would be awesome to shoot at In-N-Out! As much as I'm NOT a burger/French fry person (or ANY American food for that matter... I'm vegan!), In-N-Out has a really nice aesthetic and I love that "Classic American" theme. I knew I had to find a model that fit that look, and luckily, a gorgeous gal I used to go to highschool wi

Weston James

Oh Weston James... What a perfect little human! It's so weird to see everyone I went to highschool with grow up, get married, and have babies! Sometimes I forget that it's already been five years. When people ask me where I went to school, I'm still inclined to answer with the name of my highschool rather than my college. LOL, anyone else?! Anyway, aside from it being strange, it really is a beautiful thing to see my fellow peers so happy! Sarah, you have always had that gentle, nurturing, motherly instinct and I just know you're already the most amazing mom to your little man. Congrats on your brand new family of 3! You guys are perfect!

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