Charley + Nicole

Ahhhhh Charley and Nicole... I could write a book filled with everything that I would like to say about these two. First off, CONGRATS GUYS on graduating! These two are some of the most hardworking people I know. Nicole with her crazy difficult degree in human bio, and Charley with his business degree taking EIGHT freakin' classes AND working his last semester... CAN YOU SAY POWER COUPLE? These two never gave up AND had such an amazing attitude throughout it all, which is something that makes them very different from the average student! ALSO! I just have to point out that the relationship that these two lovely humans has is beautiful. They truly love and cherish eachother and it shows in

Desert Inspired Family Session

This gallery of Savon and her family is probably one of my favorites to date! We drove out to the desert at sunset and found a spot on the side of the road with a vast, open area filled an abundance of beautiful Joshua trees (are these anyone else's favorites?!) Our session was a nice little mix of traditional family portraits and lifestyle portraits, and the lifestyle portraits are where all the fun came in! This whole family was a bit shy, but quickly opened up. I LOVE being able to crack my clients shells and act goofy together! Being in front of the camera is always a little bit nerve wracking, so it's important to emphasize on the goofiness and fun, am I right?! Check out those genuine

The Medina Family

If you know me, you know its no secret that I adore babies and children. You also probably know I'm in love with lifestyle photography, especially in-home lifestyle photography. So when Kayla reached out to me to ask me to do an in-home lifestyle shoot after her new baby arrived, I was extactic! Aubrey and Nolan definitely made me work for these pictures, but I didn't mind in the least bit because they are both SO. ADORABLE. Their parents were alright too, I guess ;) hehe. Thank you guys for choosing me and introducing me to your sweet little nuggets! I love the authentic moments that we captured that day.

Madison + Dylan

We took Madison and Dylan's engagement pictures on a sunny, spring afternoon at the Buena Vista edible gardens. Usually, I provide my clients with photo location recommendations, but Dylan and Madison knew exactly where they wanted their engagements done. Madison is a teacher, and Dylan used to work at the edible gardens, so it was perfect! They gave me a tour and we spent all evening talking about the gardens and the benefits it has to Madison's students. It made me happier than ever to know that children are being taught how to properly care for plants, how to pick and cook their own fruits and vegetables, and how they can contribute to saving the enviornment. But kay, enough with the hipp

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