Maddie + Toby

Maddie and Toby are one of those couples from the movies... they are SO stinkin' in love! And no one else would ever be able to deny that! I was sooooo excited when they booked me only a few short months before their wedding. We ended up doing a beach engagement shoot only about 1.5 weeks before (and of course they were done in time;)) We spent a beautiful evening in Malibu walking around at El Matador State Beach, watching the sunset and shooting while their little one played in the sand. It was so perfect and peaceful (other than the fact that it was freezing!) Maddie and Toby just couldn't keep their hands off eachother, which (in my opinion) is how couples SHOULD be! There were lots of

Ashley and Big Sur

Ever since I met Ashley, I've been totally blown away by her beauty! I had always wondered why she wasn't a model. She has the most perfect face, hair, a bangin' body, and she's the sweetest little thing! Little did I know, modeling was something that she's always wanted to do. She's super into fashion, has always wanted to start a blog, and has an amazing eye for everything artsy fartsy! She was nervous about taking the leap and doing it... maybe others would judge. It was so awesome to see her finally do what she wanted to do! Its such a liberating feeling to stop caring what people think. She is still very new to blogging and modeling, but you would never know. She's a natural! I never ha

Mayci and The Dunes

I've always loved photography. It is one of the few things that will always keep me going when I'm feeling down; it's an absolute passion of mine! But I do have to say... sometimes, it's exhausting! We photographers have it pretty dang good... many of us are self employed, so we can make our own hours. We can still do everything we need to do (for example, doctors appointments, errands, etc.) We can usually make it to special events as we can plan around them. We make our own rules (BEST PART!) Shall I go on? On the flip side, making our own hours can often mean overworking ourselves! We overbook, spend an enormous amount of time editing, spend countless amounts of hours traveling, continuou

Sam + Joe

Sam, Joe and I went up through the canyon at 6:30am just to get these awesome shots! Bakersfield unfortunately doesn't have a huge variety of scenic areas, but luckily, we live within an hour of just about everything! I love the "desert" look, and it was a nice change of pace from the last time I shot Sam and Joe at the beach! These two are totally meant to be and I can't WAIT for their wedding later this year! Fun fact: I met Sam when I was just a little girl - we were on the same soccer team! Oh and yeah... I should definitely not be allowed to play sports. I was always the worst one on the team 😂 Oh well though, it makes for some funny memories! Another fun fact: My fiancé, Wyatt, used t

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