Meredith + Jim

Meredith and Jim are such a beautiful couple. Meredith first reached out to me a few months back, asking if I could photograph their elopement. They live in Colorado, but have always loved Santa Barbara, got engaged in Santa Barbara, so naturally, they wanted to get married in Santa Barbara! I jumped on it. Traveling is one of the BEST parts about my job! Her dress, her hair, her make up, her jewelry... ah, Meredith took my breath away! Her look was timeless. She wore a cap sleeve lace gown, dainty earrings, and an elegant updo, and dressed her now husband, Jim, in beige and blue {along with the rest of the family}. The colors looked really nice together and with the rest of the venue. Her h

Hailey + Garrett

Hailey + Garrett. There's not much I need to say about them... Their photos are pretty self explanitory of who they are. They are two sweet, genuine and fun people who are madly in love! Have I mentioned once or twice that those kind of couples are my favorite?! We spent the entirety of our time together laughing our behinds off, it was a blast! They said initially that they were a bit nervous, but honestly... I like when people are a bit nervous. Because then, the "nervous giggles" come out and gives us more to work with! 🙌🏻 Check out their goofy selves below:

Liz + David

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer is making new friends. I thoroughly believe that strangers are just friends that we haven't met yet! It's super interesting to get to know my clients as individuals; I love hearing about their interests, where they work, and how they met their partner! I would say about 90% of the time, friendships blossom from sessions. We always start out introducing ourselves, both of us wondering if this new stranger is someone we can vibe with... but by the end, we're telling eachother crazy stories and sharing lots of laughs! This is just another perk of my line of work. Sure, in almost any profession, you meet new people every day! But most of the ti

Carissa + Daniel

Okay, Carissa and Daniel were UH-mazing! They were so lovey-dovey gushy, they just could not keep their hands off each other! We had an evening filled with lots of laughs of tons of fun, At first, they were nervous that they would be awkward (almost everyone is!), but they did so extremely well so fast! We started off with a little bit of posing and direction, but after about fifteen minutes, they were pretty much rollin' on their own! It was like the camera wasn't even there, and they were hanging out in their natural state! Anyone who has spent any time with Carissa and Daniel can't deny their true love for eachother. Check out their authentic love below:

Vicki + Spenser

Oh, Vicki and Spenser. They are such a special couple. I photographed their wedding last year, and immediately we clicked! They are so kind and caring, but also so different, so unique. For example, they walked down the aisle to Metallica (I dig it!) and they just have a style that I've never seen before. They have a huge love for animals (just like me!) and love hiking in the wilderness. Right up my alley! They are a case of clients becoming friends, which is exactly how I hope all my sessions will end. We had such a blast taking their Christmas pictures at Mt. Pinos. It was 5am and FREEZING, but the photos turned out so beautifully that we didn't even care! Check out their gallery highligh

The Rhoades Family

I am a photographer. Well, obviously. But I also have a part time serving job at a local thai restaurant. I'm planning on going full time this year, but for now, with wedding planning and all, I figured I'd keep the job for some extra stability. Plus, it's fun! I have the BEST coworkers. One of my favorite co-workers was Sacha. I always thought she was so sweet and fun! She was a total party girl, always on the go, and always loved to have a good time. She worked incredibly hard - in fact, she had THREE jobs when I worked with her! I admired her for that! I remember her telling me she would never get married and have kids! That was right before she quit, and right before she met her now h

The Padgett Family

My focus here at JVarnerphoto is typically on couples and individuals, but I always have fun with families especially families with babies! (Did I mention I have a major case of baby fever?! Shhhh...) I love seeing the way that the parents interact with the baby, seeing how in love they are, observing all the smiles, and hearing all the giggles. It is always pretty apparent that the baby is their pride and joy and that they have never known that type of love before. Ahhh, so heartwarming. Riley was such a great baby! Her mama warned me that she might be tough (some babies are not a fan of the camera!), but she totally surprised us and was just the opposite. She could NOT stop laughing for th

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